Zack Boatman
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Zack Boatman

Candidate for the United States Senate

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The Issues


New Mexico is in a crucial state of building its future. As a teacher, I see young people being left out of this critical process. I see hard working New Mexico communities mired in one of the worst educational systems in the nation, struggling to provide good jobs for their children. I see the community relying more and more heavily on current energy producing industries instead of become global leaders in creating energy independence. Casual disregard by politicians has created a New Mexico youth that is to be overwhelmed by a careless national debt, increasing doubts about Social Security, their future security as citizens, rising costs of health care compounded by the diminishing coverage of Medicaid, and the increasing costs of even the most fundamental transportation.

Creating Balance

Put citizens first and political parties second. It sounds simple, but the separation of powers is in our country is threatened by politicians who put their party ahead of their responsibility to Congress, which means their responsibility to you. In the US Congress, power has increasingly been more important to Democrats and Republicans. These parties have become more interested in partisan maneuvering than in being responsible for working together to better our nation. This struggle for power has created political rivals instead of representatives focused on creating a better world. Career politicians interested in profiting from special interest groups or the status quo must be sent packing so that government exists in order to act in the best interest of its people, not its pocketbook. For many years, special interest groups have run our government. Oil, the automotive industry, pharmaceutical companies, health care companies - these are the businesses that have bought our government and now control it with their purse strings. We have succeeded in making these businesses wealthy and powerful, seemingly beyond our control. Our government can be controlled by those it exists to serve - it’s citizens. To make this possible, our efforts must be to prosper as a nation, not to ensure the prosperity of the few.


While the goal of the United States is to build the world’s best schools and system of education, it is one of New Mexico’s greatest challenges to improve on what we have. When we as New Mexicans rise to the challenge of creating the best schools in the nation, we provide not only a place for every child to learn and grow, but we become a model for equality through education. By pursuing the practice of creating excellent schools we are, in fact, developing the necessary resources to give each generation of New Mexico students a strong foundation which will provide jobs, lasting prosperity, and citizens that actively participate in American leadership.

Campaign Finance Reform

In these modern times, the citizens of our nation have lost faith and trust in the very institution that leads them. Our government no longer reflects the America that is the foundation of our nation. Our government has given rise to a questionable character that defines America as a nation that supports the affluent and healthy while disregarding the impoverished and unwell. We all know how to win a seat in the United States Senate—spend the most money. However, I truly believe that the American public can raise its voice in protest against this unprincipled practice. By voting for candidates that not only advocate reform, but engage this ideal as well, we can change the deplorable practice of government official being funded by special interests groups and reinvigorate the people and their voice in changing the political landscape.

Balanced National Budget

The deficit increases the National Debt and leads to an insecure and uncertain economy. It robs our ability to confront major problems like national security, education, economic competitiveness, and energy independence. This burden continues to grow and we are passing it to our children. This is reckless and irresponsible governing.

A Fair, Living Wage

The main difference between a living wage and a minimum wage is that a living wage recognizes that both the rich and poor have equally valid abilities to contribute to the community and an equal right to thrive. Supporting a living wage is simply applying basic ethical principals to creating harmony and balance in the community. A living wage seeks to provide fair compensation so that workers will be able to do more than just survive in their community; they will be able to improve the quality of their own communities and benefit from a reasonable, acceptable standard of living in return for their contribution. This type of approach empowers local communities to build on their strengths while honoring those that work. A living wage will allow the community to improve and give each working community member and their children a better life.


Good health should never depend on the possession of money ad the promise of healthcare should never be dictated by the desire for monetary profit. With these two principles in mind, America herself has the startling ability to reconstruct the current healthcare system from one that is based on profit into a vibrant comprehensive healthcare system that supports every citizen. This drive away from profit-based health care will create a system that embodies the health and care of each and every citizen. Through the renovation of our health care system we can change how our nation is defined, and apply our social values and belief that the health of our country is reflected in the health of all of our citizens.

The War in Iraq

This is not an issue of whether to “cut and run” or to “stay and fight.” This is the time to focus on the principles involved. When we take a moment to look at the values we have as a country, it is easy to see that historically, America has fought wars for a singular reason: to defend the government of the people and through that, the people of this nation. In a time of crisis we mistakenly changed our principles to fight a war based on the idea that a foreign nation may, at some time in the distant future, attack the United States. If we truly examine this change in principles, as a nation we must come to the realization that a preemptive policy does not reflect the values of America and that we can no longer allow continuing occupation and be true to these core values and principles of our Nation.


Family farmers are the single most important stewards of the land they cultivate and of the animals they raise. The nation must support and invest in family farms over corporate operations to encourage this continuing stewardship. Through it’s farmers, New Mexico and the nation can be the leaders of energy independence through energy diversity such as the use of ethanol, bio-diesel fuel and both wind and solar power.