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Zack Boatman

Candidate for the United States Senate

Zack Boatman Thank you for taking time to visit my website. I developed this site to tell you about the issues I believe are of critical importance, not only in New Mexico, but across this great nation. The fact that you are here to learn more about me, and my values makes me believe that we can restore balance to our government and unite this nation. Balance is the key to a strong democracy and a government that represents the voices and needs of its people. To achieve that balance, each and every citizen must participate. When each individual shares the responsibility of citizenship, we create a government where our voices are not only heard, but listened to, acknowledged, and ultimately, heeded. I am running for the United States Senate because I believe in the issues I address on this site. I believe that if we work together,we can create the changes necessary to strengthen our government in order to ensure a lasting balance. By not actively engaging and participating as citizens in the political process, we leave the power, and the decisions of our system to just a few. If they make decisions that we do not support, it is not only due to poor judgment, but because we stayed home—we did not make ourselves part of the process. Before you take the time to explore my website and come to understand my values I want you to know what an immense difference you are making by showing up, by participating, and by making sure that our system keeps its balance and therefore its good judgment.

-Zack Boatman

Zack Boatman honestly supports:

  • The Critical Importance of Education
  • The Reform Campaign Financing
  • A Balanced National Budget
  • A Fair, Living Wage
  • Health Care for All Children

Zack believes in the importance of being the representation of the people, not in being a politician.






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